mirragma gunugurr-wa (bamboo raft)

Simone Mugavin Art, Installation

GARUWA’s first public art commission, mirragma gunugurra-wa (bamboo raft in Larrakia language) brings together two old stories deeply connected to this site in Darwin. Created collaboratively with Larrakia artists Uncle Roque Lee and Trent Lee, the artwork reflects the journeys of Larrakia people travelling across … Read More

baban darrang (mother tree)

Simone Mugavin Art, Film

baban darrang celebrates the journey of Wurundjeri-willam / Dja Dja wurrung / Ngurai illum wurrung woman Mandy Nicholson, exploring the ways we embody, grow, nurture and transmit knowledge and culture over time, and how we do this both on an individual and community level through … Read More